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Smartpls is a great tool for PLS-SEM

SmartPLS is a software with graphical user interface for variance-based structural equation modeling (SEM) using the partial least squares (PLS) path modeling method. Users can estimate models with their data by using basic SEM, weighted SEM, consistent Partial least square-SEM, and sumscores regression algorithms.

This software computes standard results assessment criteria (e.g., for the reflective and formative measurement models and the structural model, including the HTMT criterion, bootstrap based significance testing, PLSpredict, and goodness of fit) and it supports additional statistical analyses (e.g., confirmatory tetrad analysis, higher-order models, importance-performance map analysis, latent class segmentation, mediation, moderation, measurement invariance assessment, multigroup analysis).

Since SmartPLS is programmed in Java, it can be executed and run on different computer operating systems such as Windows and Mac. further, you can visit this website. This software is a milestone in latent variable modeling. It combines state of the art methods (e.g., POS, IPMA, complex bootstrapping routines) with an easy to use and intuitive graphical user interface Wikipedia.

Analysis List in smartpls

Partial least squares path modeling, Ordinary least squares (OLS) regression based on sumscores, Consistent, Weighted PLS, Bootstrapping, Blindfolding, Importance-performance map analysis (IPMA), PLS multi-group analysis (MGA), Mediation, Moderation, Nonlinear relationships, Confirmatory tetrad analysis, Finite mixture (FIMIX) segmentation.


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