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vMix is a software vision mixer available for the Windows operating system. The software is developed by StudioCoast PTY LTD. Like most vision mixing software, it allows users to switch inputs, mix audio, record outputs, and live stream cameras, videos files, audio, and more, in resolutions of up to 4K. The software is also capable of serving image magnification (IMAG) and projection needs in many instances, with various configurable external output and display options.

vMix is available in multiple editions ranging in price and available features. Current editions[4] include Basic, Basic HD, SD, HD, 4K, and Pro. Users can upgrade from one edition to another for the difference between the original edition purchased and the one you wish to upgrade to.Updates are provided for free for 1 year with a purchase of any edition, after 1 year users can opt to purchase additional years.

vMix heavily takes advantage of the GPU, and relies on graphics libraries such as Direct3D, making the software exclusive to the Windows operating system, though it can be run through Boot Camp. StudioCoast has previously indicated that the software performs best on dedicated Nvidia video cards.

With the release of version 19, vMix Call is available, marking the first time a software vision mixer released with built in video-conferencing

With the release of version 22, vMix includes a new graphics engine for visuals and overlays, dubbed “GT Graphics Engine”. Accompanying the new engine is a more comprehensive titling application called “GT Title Designer” which supports more robust functions than the original title designer (which is still included) and also supports animations. Version 22 also brought the release of a proprietary codec aimed at streamlining post-production: “vMix Video Codec”, it has been described as having “similar quality to ProRes but with very low CPU usage.”

The release of vMix 23 includes full support for Secure Reliable Transport or SRT, making it the first live video production software to do so.

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